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IMG_0209Motorised, full cassette Cabrera folding arm awning with silver arms and black Docril fabric. Remote control, fully fitted and electronics done.

Dimensions: 2500 wide by 2000 projection

$3,000 +GST

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Canopies ready for a facelift

Replacing canopy fabricHoods and canopies are the perfect solution if you are looking for a fixed lightweight awning to be fitted over doors or windows.

Here are some canopies that need a facelift – we’re working on replacing them with new season docril acrylic fabrics that will look fantastic.

Find out more about our range of Hoods & Canopies here.

Electric track curtain systems


We are able to measure, fit and install electric track curtain systems, which are functional and convenient. One of the systems we recommend to our clients is the Silent Gliss 5100, which is a noticeably quieter and unobtrusive system than others available.

The Silent Gliss 5100 electric curtain track system can control curtains with a length of up to 9 metres. The Touch & Go feature enables simple and intuitive operation, while the integrated Manual Override ensures the necessary safety and convenience in the event of a power failure.

The motor is discretely tucked away in a stylish metal housing, and can be fitted to the wall or suspended from the ceiling. It is also compatible with the superb Wave curtain system, which comes in a variety of colours and styles.

Honeycomb Shades: new control systems

There are now two new control systems available for honeycomb shades: Momenta motorisation and Lift & Lock cordless.

The two new control systems offer the latest in convenience, functionality and child safety with cord free operation.

001Momenta motorisation offers the ultimate in child safety, convenience and ease of operation. The quiet motor lifts and raises the shades at the touch of a button and is powered by convenient battery pack or simply plug in to a standard power supply outlet.

Ideal for windows in hard to reach places, Momenta can be controlled by either an infrared/radio remote control or a wall panel control centre. Both control options can control shades individually or in groups. You can also customise preset stop positions of the blinds.

The Lift & Lock patented system features a designer bottom rail with easy leveling adjustment. Simply press the bottom rail button to easily operate the shade, then release the button to lock the shade in position.

Lift & Lock has no visible cords for enhanced child safety.

Both new systems are able to be installed with the other control systems available for honeycomb shades, so even if you already have honeycomb shades, these new control systems can be fitted.