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IMG_0209Motorised, full cassette Cabrera folding arm awning with silver arms and black Docril fabric. Remote control, fully fitted and electronics done.

Dimensions: 2500 wide by 2000 projection

$3,000 +GST

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Fixed Guide Blinds

Recent installation of fixed guide blinds in Coburg.

Fixed guide blinds are used when the window is higher than ground floor level, or elevated just too high to reach. The blinds are worked by a rope and pulley system – this can be from outside or inside, and in this case is even motorised.

Fixed guide blinds are the most cost effective awning to keep the heat out in the summer months when the windows are too high to install normal sun blinds – this means they can be used on buildings with multiple floors. This particular job, which we did for Agatha & Nestor, is a perfect example of how good fixed guides can look when used in the right circumstances.