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IMG_0209Motorised, full cassette Cabrera folding arm awning with silver arms and black Docril fabric. Remote control, fully fitted and electronics done.

Dimensions: 2500 wide by 2000 projection

$3,000 +GST

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Curtains and Drapes

Curtains and DrapesCurtains and Drapes

Classic Style in decor with the warmth of insulation and the softness that only curtains can exude. Fabric from all the major fabric houses.

Curtains are functional, but they also add a great deal to your decor. They let the sun in when the days are cool and keep it out when hot.

The extensive variety of colors, patterns and styles makes them key accents, which help to bring your colour scheme together. The main living areas are where curtains and drapes take on their greatest importance.

The style you choose helps consolidate your overall design style. The colors you choose support mood and fabrics you use create function in their ability to help regulate heat and cold.

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