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IMG_0209Motorised, full cassette Cabrera folding arm awning with silver arms and black Docril fabric. Remote control, fully fitted and electronics done.

Dimensions: 2500 wide by 2000 projection

$3,000 +GST

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Automatic Sun Blinds

Automatic Sun BlindsAutomatic sun blinds have become more popular in recent times, and are the most economical way to provide exterior shade on your windows.

The automatic sun blind operates on a track system, allowing the blind to be easily adjusted. This is the most resistant system against bad weather or rain. They are motorised, so you can adjust them from inside your home with the click of a button. The track system also allows you to choose how far you would like the blinds opened, giving you the option of letting in some natural light if desired.

If on a budget, these exterior sun blinds can be provided with manual adjustments which are managed from outdoors by hand or a pull stick.

Our sun blinds are available in a range of arm lengths to suit window sizes of homes and offices. The blind fabric and metal hood come in a range of colours and patterns so you can match them to the exterior style of your home or office.

The blind fabric options range from full blockout for complete darkness indoors to a light sheer, providing a privacy screen with some sunlight still able to filter through.

Coming into Spring/Summer is the best time to be thinking about window protection before it gets really hot – automatic sun blinds are the most effective and reasonably priced Summer shade for your home.

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