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IMG_0209Motorised, full cassette Cabrera folding arm awning with silver arms and black Docril fabric. Remote control, fully fitted and electronics done.

Dimensions: 2500 wide by 2000 projection

$3,000 +GST

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Folding Arm Awnings

To keep your house cool during Summer, stop the sun before it reaches your windows. Folding arm awnings provide this kind of protection from the sun.

Our folding arm awnings come in a range of different styles, so you can choose one that suits your home and your needs. For ease of use, the awnings can be motorised – you can choose to control them by remote, or automatically with a sun and wind sensor.

Folding Arm AwningsFolding Arm Awnings – Cabrera™

Folding arm and retractable awnings are versatile and suitable for patios, decking and courtyards. The Cabrera model is the latest in cassette folding arm awnings.

The Cabrera Full Cassette folding arm awning incorporates innovative new designs, reflecting modern demands in design and structure.

Folding arm awnings are considered to have timeless style and will fit seamlessly into any setting.

Folding Arm AwningsFolding Arm Awnings – Cantina™

This versatile outdoor awning is great for patios, decking and courtyards. The Cantina model is the least expensive of our folding arm and retractable awnings.

Available in plain and striped fabrics, these folding arm awnings can be operated either manually or via motorisation.

The front tail acts as a rain gutter and the arms are fitted with spring and gas struts for extra cloth tension.

Folding Arm AwningsFolding Arm Awnings – Siena™

The Siena™ is a versatile retractable awning for patios, decking and courtyards, and is our most popular casual awning.

It has a solid design with heavy duty folding arms and powerful springs which enable excellent fabric tension.

This folding arm awning can be angled for maximum shade and can also be equipped with an aluminium hood or full cassette to protect the fabric from the elements.

To find out more about our range of folding arm awnings, contact us or complete our quote request form to arrange a free measure and quote today.